Turning heads with the latest hair accessory trend.

No one is exactly sure as to when this trend started but it’s obvious that it is taking the industry by storm this year. Mansur Gavriel started a trend with scrunchies and then it escalated with a $400 Gucci hair clip. Some fashion divas realized that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for this trendy hair accessories. We all use to wear these accessories in school and some of us thought that this will never come back into fashion, to my surprise it did. All those headbands, bobby pins and clips have made a came back and I am sure it is here to stay.


Even Arianna Grande is following this trend by using a clip to decorate her signature high ponytail. These hair accessories work well for some people who are bored with their current hairstyle or want to express themselves. It doesn’t matter which one you choose – a simple headband, bow or clips they are all beautiful in their own way.

Here are some quick tips:

  1. Bows
    Bows are very practical as they can be used to throw your hair up into a ponytail and can be used as a headband as well.
  2. Decorated Bobby Pins
    More is more, wear as many as you feel comfortable with, you can get pearl, crystal, diamante or even glitter covered bobby pins, so go mad.
  3. Headbands
    Headbands give an elegant look; but these days you can wear them with a formal gown or your sweatpants. When you have a bad hair day just wrap one over your hair and the day will be better.
  4. Barrettes and Clips
    Now, these comes in all shapes, colours and sizes; from simple, elegant looking barrettes to over the top fluffy pink clips. You can use these to change the look of your ponytails, braids or even just to keep your hair out of your face. The choice is yours.

They are easy to use and can enhance any hairstyle. Need some more ideas? Check out the internet, they’re everywhere!

Photocredit: Pintrest

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